July 3rd, 2005

chicken beard science

those aren't friends

From Chris Juergensen's site on the Lydian mode:

«Just like the previous two modes, to figure out on the spot what major
scale you need to be playing. Let's say you are jammin with your friends
Bob and Pete and the chart they give you says you have to play a solo over a
G maj7#11 vamp. You need to figure out what major scale you need to
be playing so you just remember your lydian scale mode rule which is: lydian
mode = major scale up a perfect 5th. Remember how this works? If G is on
the third fret, D is a perfect fifth from that note. All you have to do is
play a D major scale over the Gmaj7#11 chord and you'll be groovin' away with
the lydian mode.»

Friends don't let friends vamp on Gmaj7#11 chords. Only junkies messed up
on Chic Corea or the Mahavishnu Orchestra would have such abnormal and
unclean thoughts.

UPDATE: What's sad is that I googled for both of these names and still got them wrong. Sigh...

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