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In over his head?

Obama admits that he may have been over-optimistic about solving the Israeli-Palestine issue:

Obama, who committed his administration to brokering an end to the 62-year-old conflict one year ago on taking office, said Mitchell "got blinded" by early progress on limiting Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank.

The former senator "didn't see that it wasn't sufficient progress for the Palestinians".

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was mortified when Obama retreated from his original support for the Palestinian demand for a full freeze on settlement building before talks re-started, and instead signaled that "restraint" would do.

The Israeli situation has replaced "Gordian Knot" in our modern lexicon for describing impossible puzzles. How in the world could Obama have been that naive? W made a very, very similar mistake too, but we already knew that he was an idiot. His father, Reagan and Carter all made a similar assumption that the Israelis and Palestinians want peace. I do not think this is the case. They want each other dead. Add to that murderous intent the political advantages to be gained by exploiting the situation by both groups and you quickly see how childish it is to speak of "peace in the Middle East."

I do not mean to say that people of that region do not desperately seek an end to the violence. I mean to say that the political process does not favor this outcome.

This revelation coupled with last week's MA. senate defeat, added to the slow economic recovery, the lack of Wall Street regulation and his continual retreat in front of the slightest Republican advance has left my confidence in Mr. Obama in tatters.

I like how Obama thinks, but I don't think he's mastered solid political strategy. For a guy that came in with a huge mandate and congressional super-majorities, he has been singularly ineffective at getting things done. The honeymoon is over, Mr. O. Get it done now.

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