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Beta-testers wanted


Over the past several months, I have been slowly pulling together a project that I hope others will find useful. It is called Nestor.

Nestor is an analytics tool that provides trending information for followers and retweets on Twitter.

The service is free and not spammy. Since authentication is done through Twitter, I don't even collect email addresses.

What I need are users on the system who are not afraid to give me feedback.

I am looking to improve the following areas:

  • User experience
  • Quality of data
  • Improving data visualizations
  • Security
  • Protecting user privacy

If this is something you are interested in, please send mail to jjohn@taskboy.com for a free registration code to get on to the system. Or message me on twitter: @taskboy3000

UPDATE: The registration part has been removed. Just log in with Twitter.

I want to be clear: this is not an open source project. It could become that at some point, but it is not one now.

All feedback is welcome.

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